USB-type Nanowell Biosensor

Includes working/reference WE, RE, CE

1. Electrode working electrode (WE), reference electrode (RE), and counter electrode (CE)

2. Electrode Material: Au

3. WE area : Size of 3 mm x 3 mm

4. Number of nanowells in WE : 6000 x 6000 nanowells 

5. Applications : Electrochemical and optical biosensors, environmental sensors and energy

6. Easy connection via connector


1. USB Type: enables research applications of various biosensors 

    by Increasing compatibility with PCs

2. Thin film technique electrode makes surface characteristics 

     optimal for biosensors 

3. Simple test of small amount of biopsy

4. Low-cost nanobiosensor

8 channel Nanowell Biosensor
for Diagnosis of Multiple Diseases

Nanowell Array-101 / Nanowell Array-102

1. Number of electrodes: 8 channel (Only working electrode)

2. Nanowell Electrode Units on Glass or Silicon Surface : 250mm x 200mm

3. Working area: 1 mm x 4 mm, 1500 x 6000 nanowell electrodes

Advantages of 8 channel NWA biosensor

1. Optimum biosensor because surface is thin film electrode

2. Simultaneous testing of 8 biomaterials is useful for optimizing 

     biosensor conditions for new diseases

3. Useful as a diagnostic kit for new drug development

4. Useful as a multiple disease diagnostic kit

Only available for research purposes.

Use for diagnosis is prohibited.
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